Best day trading podcasts

Day trading podcasts also offer rich educational content to help you develop your trading skills. From technical analysis and risk management to psychological impact and trade execution, these shows provide a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of trading. Whether hearing about other traders’ experiences or gaining a new perspective on the markets, these shows can give you the boost you need to stay focused and motivated. Often, you can listen and learn how traders successfully trade markets today, leading to you making smart trading decisions based on their insights. For example, there are many podcasts that range from cats to love and relationships.

Best day trading podcasts

At the end of the day, it is clear that Alex is passionate not only about his show and his trading, but also about the trading community. Most of his content is on the shorter side, but it’s very engaging and with a lot of great nuggets. Whatever your taste in trading, you’re bound to find a lot of value in the content.

The 5+1 Best Volatility Indicators for Day Trading

He makes stock picks, widely shared among the financial participants, which he recommends to his listeners. This is just one of the podcast offered by FT you can listen to improve your day trading. Others are ‘Banking Weekly podcast’, that gives you global insight and commentary on the top issues concerning this sector, and ‘News in Focus’. Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson host the show about markets, life, and investing as they discuss what they are about reading, writing, listening to, and watching. Recent episodes talk about stacker ETFs, the Federal Reserve, and the recent price of oil.

  • The audio channel covers various topics including book suggestions, authors, and entrepreneurs to follow.
  • As we’ve said before, day trading education can be a bit like the wild west.
  • For instance, listening to Michael Ackermann can tell you a thing about biotechnology while listening to Jay Caplan can tell you about cybersecurity.
  • Along those lines, he draws from his own experience to create valuable content for his viewers.

Episodes include the best way to fine-tune a forex trading strategy, the ‘no rush’ approach, and the phases of getting started for beginners. Experiences and successes are shared by traders, lifestyle coaches and business owners. The podcast is suitable for new and experienced traders looking for inspiration. The Trading Coach from Akil Stokes offers guidance suitable for day traders of all experience levels.

Chat With Traders

The discussions are upbeat with stories of how individuals made fortunes through day trading. Additionally, Bustos offers hacks and tips to become better at trading including how to reduce losses, how to increase focus, and strategies for day traders with full-time jobs. While you can apply plenty of strategies, there isn’t a single “most profitable” day trading strategy, as what works well for one successful trader may not work as well for another. Instead, the best day trading strategy for you depends on various factors, including your risk tolerance, investment goals, and market knowledge. Whether you are a pro-investor or just starting, here are the ten best day trading podcasts to keep you informed and entertained. Trading can be a challenging and emotional journey, but day trading podcasts can help you with the motivation and inspiration you need to keep pushing forward.

The audio channel delves into their success stories and ideas to generate guidance that can be applied to trading money on the financial markets. With a combined 2000 hours of educational content in various formats, the day trading podcast offers insights into how the ‘professionals’ started their trading careers. With a focus on trading options, the hosts also provide success stories from like-minded retail investors. The show’s guests are experienced traders and industry experts who provide listeners with practical advice and insights into what works and doesn’t in the financial markets.

Day Trading Podcasts

Unlike the SimCast or BtheStory, Aaron’s is more of an audio podcast, though he is trying to incorporate trade recaps as of late. In addition to his interviews, some of his more popular episodes are compilations. We particularly enjoy his “Best of Trading Psychology” compilations.

  • This is the case of ‘The Trading Podcast‘ hosted by Rob Booker, maybe you heard about it.
  • Its daily tips provide a quick and easy way to learn something new about personal finance daily.
  • The audio channel delves into their success stories and ideas to generate guidance that can be applied to trading money on the financial markets.
  • Its focus on long-term investing and sound financial principles provide valuable insights for investors looking to build their portfolios over time.
  • With a focus on trading options, the hosts also provide success stories from like-minded retail investors.

CFR has thousands of experts from around the world who come from different fields. In short, they are a great source of fresh news and can provide you with some useful insights right while you are trading. Television programs like Fareed Zakaria GPS and Bloomberg Technology have created podcasts to reach to a wider base (and many advertisers are today using them to reach more people). Trading Camp is an unconventional podcast discussing online trading via inspiring stories. Themes include the art of resilience, mindset attitudes, and goal setting. Get ready to receive cutting-edge analysis, top-notch education, and actionable tips straight to your inbox.

This Week in Startups (TWIST)

The Stock Trading Reality podcast, hosted by ClayTrader, was created to motivate day traders. The TradeHacker Mindset is designed for novice traders looking to learn the basics of day trading psychology. Hosted by Aaron Fifield, Chat With Traders is an interview-based day trading podcast, covering informal chats with big names in trading such as Mary Childs and Jack Kellogg.

Mike and his team of traders regularly put out relevant content regarding the state of the markets, what is working, and what’s not. It isn’t exactly a day trading podcast, but many of his younger traders share personal videos and stories of their successes and failures. Author and hedge fund manager Phil Town partners with his daughter Danielle to shine a light on the successful investment strategies that financial legends like Warren Buffet have used. The father-daughter duo provides stock market education and investing tips to listeners interested in learning how to invest on their own. Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts provide listeners with some insight on the stock market implications of the week’s top business and financial news.

Desire To Trade Podcast Forex Trading Tips & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Andrew updates consistently and often shares tons of trading codes (for different trading platforms) and ideas to fine tune day trading systems. This weekly podcast talks about all things to do with trading, including dedicating a decent amount of air time towards trading psychology. If you prefer a more straightforward approach to trading, Cam’s show is worth a watch. The show regularly covers how other traders feel about the markets, their trading systems and strategies, and unique ways to exploit markets.

The podcast offers guidance and tips for individuals looking to secure their financial future by investing in stocks, options, currency pairs, and more. The audio channel covers various topics including book suggestions, authors, and entrepreneurs to follow. Although Better System Trader’s podcasts have to do with trading systems, it is not confined to just one market, therefore listeners can apply the strategy ideas to any markets of their choice. While Aaron’s conversational style is casual, he has a great way of getting his guests to go deep.


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