Forex success stories

One reason the failure rate is so high in the Forex market is that traders haven’t learned to lose. Embrace the challenge and focus on the journey to becoming a successful Forex trader and the money will follow. You should only trade with money you’re prepared to lose.

So I decided to give FBS a chance and started with their demo account on the FBS
Trader App. I
didn’t know it then, but I made the right choice. It’s your passion for trading, not money, that will push you through the tough times. Without passion and a love for trading, no amount of money can make you a successful Forex trader. What stuck out for me with FBS was its license and amazing reviews that proved this broker could be trusted. So I decided to give FBS a chance and started with their demo account on the FBS Trader App.

Paul’s Forex Success Story

So the next time you have a winning trade, pat yourself on the back and then walk away. There aren’t many guarantees in the Forex market. But one guarantee I can make is that there’s no successful Forex trader who is trading today for money he needs tomorrow. You may think that’s an obvious statement, but a surprising number of traders don’t think about how much money is at risk before opening a trade. However, trying to make a trading strategy work will only lead to destructive behavior, such as emotional trading. Similarly, trying too hard to find trading opportunities is a good way to lose money on subpar setups.

Forex success stories

He gained a billion dollars just in one single night. My goal was to become a semi-professional trader. I have no intentions on quitting my job, but I wanted to supplement my income with Forex trading. I am Lin (Linekela) Simon, owner, and founder of LS Trading and Marketing. The products I sell make trading very easy by introducing automation in the life of a trader. All our designed tools save a lot of time for traders and predict the best time to sell and buy stocks.

A success story trading with FBS

Astonishingly rich, a genius and a pioneer of commodity trading – that’s how Richard Dennis is known. After he moved to New York and worked for several Wall Street brokerage firms, the real life of the financial genius begun. He’s mostly famous for being the one who broke the Bank of England in 1992 by making a huge bet against British pound.

Forex success stories

I don’t really want to brag, but trading turned out well because I worked hard, studied, and disciplined myself. I think that this works for every trader. So that’s what I did and continue doing today. When I decided to learn how to trade, I gained knowledge through the internet. The more and more I traded, the more confident I became.

Swing Trading: The Definitive 2023 Guide

And if Ed Seykota started at the early age of 5, Frau Mootz represents the other side of the age spectrum on Forex. Some grandmothers bake pies – and some of them trade to be millionaires. We are one of the fastest growing Forex Brokers in the Market. Trade with PaxForex to get the full Forex Trading experience which is based on… This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

  • No trader can sustain that kind of pressure and become consistently profitable.
  • The theory gained popularity against the backdrop of the unfolding 2008 financial crisis.
  • I earn about 20% per year with my approach.
  • The convenience of Forex position size calculators has made it so that we never have to consider the dollar amount being risked.
  • The most important takeaway from today’s post is that there is no secret to successful Forex trading.

I started like any other new trader, without knowledge and little capital. I came across dozens of ads where brokers basically promised a rags to riches story if I opened and account with them. It made no sense to me, the math didn’t add up. I spend the next year educating myself as I believe that knowledge is key for success in any field. My motivation was not to make a $1,000 deposit and become rich the next weekend. I invested into my own education first so that I fully understood what forex trading can do for me and how to get there.


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