Parabolic stock meaning

If you are confident about your stock chart analysis skills and trading strategies in trading, the parabolic move is worth considering. “Dead cat bounce” is a phrase in the trading world that refers to a short-lived recovery of stock prices after a significant decline. It is essential to comprehend a parabolic move from the longs and short sellers’ perspective for profitable decisions.

Parabolic stock meaning

Parabolic stock moves are sometimes the result of the social media hype of the company. Some other platforms that influence stocks are news channels and influential people (think Elon Musk). A parabolic pattern is most commonly occurring in the stocks of younger and small-cap companies. It includes penny stock companies or the stocks of other class assets, for instance, commodities and cryptocurrencies. A parabolic curve on a stock chart looks like the right side of a parabolic curve.

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Especially on how to find a sustainable stock for parabolic stock trading. This article has covered causes, strategies, and expected momentum in stock price action in the stock market. For instance, you can take the example of wall street or Annovis stock which rose to $98 from $28. Regardless of the high peak, it did not remain at the same point for a long time. The most popular stock to play from the news is in the biotech sector because the potential for a new FDA-approved product can be huge for the company. Most day traders will focus on cheap biotech stocks and watch the news closely.

  • In the last year, we have experienced social media orchestrating short squeezes.
  • The danger for long positions is greatest near the end of the formation after the biggest move straight up into extremely overbought territory.
  • On the other end of Wall Street, major government subsidies have created parabolic moves for some renewable energy companies.

I know I’ve spent a lot of time sharing with you the principles of each element in this parabolic stock trading strategy. Hence the short sellers had to buy stocks and close out their position to prevent catastrophic loss. Their buy orders create more upward pressure on the stock price. First, as we saw during the Wall Street Bets situation, social media has an important role in moving stocks.

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Similarly, if Apple announces a major upgrade to the iPhone or an introduction of a new service, its stock could have a parabolic move as well. In most cases, growth companies tend to outperform when interest rates are low while value stocks lag. Third, a stock could have a major jump after a policy change by the Federal Reserve.

Don’t try to trade parabolic trends without using a stop-loss order to help limit your risk. When a stock is included in a market index, substantial numbers of shares are bought by portfolio managers of index funds. Parabolic stock moves can also result just from social media hype about a company. True or not, if it’s widespread enough to draw in large numbers of retail investors. There will usually be a lot of bearish sentiment because a junk company is making a big run-up.

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For this reason, a reversal signal on the indicator doesn’t necessarily mean the price is reversing. More conservative traders might have waited for the clearer signal of a bearish trend change that came the next day. On June 3rd, when the stock failed to make a new high, once again left a long, top-side candlestick tail, and suffered a serious down day, there was a potential short entry. Strictly speaking, there’s really no such thing as a parabolic stock. The term “parabolic” actually describes a particular kind of price action move, rather than a particular kind of stock. Any stock can become a “parabolic stock” when it experiences a sharp, sudden increase in price.

Parabolic stock meaning

But, unlike previous days in the rally, closed substantially below the high of the day. Trading had also left a sizeable gap with the June 2nd open – and securities notoriously love to retrace and fill in gaps. AMC took out a significant resistance level – the previous high close for the year of $19.90 (shown on the far left side of the chart). They offer AMAZING opportunities for traders who understand how to trade them. There are many ways how you can go about selecting stocks using fundamental analysis.

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This pattern creates short term price range bases before breaking out to new highs and repeating this range pattern multiple times as it keeps going higher. This strong price pattern can give a trend trader incredibly high returns in a very short period. The parabolic curve chart pattern is one of the strongest uptrend patterns a stock can have. This type of pattern goes up the farthest and the fastest as it is under the strongest accumulation and every small pullback is bought by eager traders and investors.

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A new and striking announcement by a company can lead to a major parabolic move. These patterns generally happen to growth stocks that have new products, new technology, new business models, or new leadership. Stocks that perform this strongly are usually market leaders. Let’s take a look at GameStop that made a parabolic move in the first quarter of 2021. As we can see, the stock rose sharply to $482 and then declined. This decline happens as some of the earlier buyers take profit.


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