PowerTrend Forex Broker Review


This article was written to further expand the finite prtrend reviews available online. Since there is an insufficiency of prtrend rezension on the internet, a detailed evaluation of this platform’s functions and overall usability was deemed necessary. This also aims to clear up misleading and baseless allegations leveled against the broker, such as the prtrend fraud, prtrend cheating, and prtrend scammers.

Stated in PowerTrend’s official site, the platform was established back in 2013. Currently headquartered in Marshall Islands, this financial firm claims to be an optimum provider of financial markets for all kinds of traders. With its subscription already above the 1,000 mark, it continuously gains market adhesion for its unique and premium solutions. To date, it stands as one of the top providers of instruments, which allows clients to experience the most reliable trading environment.

Perks of Subscribing to Forex Broker Power Trend

Prtrend official site lists four main reasons why their service is superior to its industry counterparts. These functions, which are discussed below, all worked together to increase the company’s business exposure.

  1. Large Tool Selection– PowerTrend offers a wide range of financial instruments, including premium and custom-made instruments for all types of traders. Users are assured to get the most out of trading with over 100 trading tools. Economic schedules, analytics, and analyses are also useful reinforcements that would undoubtedly increase profit margins.
  2. Live Market Movement– The software is intended for real-time analytics. Profits will surely rise as this feature is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Webinars are also available, with content focusing on trading fundamentals and other essential skills such as technical know-hows.
  3. Bonuses and Promotions– Forex broker prtrend delivers one-of-a-kind trading bonuses that might help you increase your profit margins. The fact that it offers a 30% welcoming bonus just confirms that it is a trader-friendly forum. It has also been effective in maintaining user loyalty by providing a ready-made benefit strategy from a specialist.
  4. Trading Platforms– PowerTrend is one of the few trading brokerages that offer a diverse platform range. Traders will undoubtedly enjoy a large collection of indications, indicators, and order execution for an optimal trading experience, ranging from the famous MT4 to the newly created xCritical.

Platforms: Features and Functions

PowerTrend Foreign Exchange

xCrtitical– This external system can be used for overall job administration in addition to being a trading platform. It is guaranteed to add productivity and accountability to workplaces mainly from its many features. Focusing on its exchange site, consumer adhesion for compatibility has been tighter. It also ranks alongside MT4 as one of the most generous instrument suppliers. The system can be translated into seven languages, so it remains competent in terms of client-centricity.

MetaTrader 4– MetaQuotes Software launched this third-party platform. To put it another way, it is an innovative system and there isn’t anything it can’t do. It is structured, for example, to carry out hedging, which is advantageous for those who seek to restrict and minimize financial risks. The software also comes with its own programming language, allowing users to automate and customize trades with ease.

A copy-trading functionality was engineered into the system, allowing users to copy, review, and execute winning trades. Aside from that, it has a smartphone counterpart that addresses time constraints and adaptability problems. Clients can also handle trades according to their desired schedules thanks to the availability of such services.

Education and Research

PowerTrend’s education and research section stands impressively, with most of its contents geared towards profitability. It is one of the few brokers that offer large collection of materials, enabling a holistic learning environment for traders. Some of the most widely used contents are:

Webinars– These web discussions tackle almost everything that traders must know before engaging in live trading. They are developed and designed by professional analysts, providing expert advice and insights for substantial and sound decisions. However, these features require a separate charge as it is provided by a third-party provider called Videcation.

Glossary– As trading is a technical venture, this brokerage firm enabled users to easily engage in trades by providing a glossary. With comprehensive definitions of technical terminologies, foreign and alien words will no longer appear daunting.

What PowerTrend Clients are Saying

I have always been careful with my associations in the trading industry as I had been burned before. But PowerTrend earned my trust. Not only does the company provide outstanding trading conditions, the approach is highly client-centered. The fees are competitive and the fee structures are wholly transparent. More power PowerTrend!
– Boris Bryukhanov, Businessman

I think PowerTrend is a brokerage we should all watch out for. I am simply impressed with the quality of trading tools that this newcomer provides. The number of asset classes open to traders are decent and the trading platform that is available is more than impressive. I am definitely recommending PowerTrend to all types of traders, beginner or seasoned.
– Janeth Leigh, Businesswoman

Get Involved

Ever since it debuted in the market, PowerTrend has been on the receiving end of accusation for being unreliable. Most of its services are questioned as gleaned in the reviews of those who were scammed by PowerTrend. This then led to countless online tags such as PowerTrend scam and PowerTrend scammers, which in a way, are baseless and without solid ground. As these falsified statements of PowerTrend cheating continue to harm the business, it is only necessary to denounce these misleading PowerTrend reviews. Presented on PowerTrend website are some pertinent documents that would attest to its legitimacy. These are:

  • Terms of Use
  • Risk Warnings
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Statement
  • Refund Policy
  • GDPR

The broker’s regulatory and legal details are disclosed in these papers. A segment with contact information is also included, allowing clients to ask questions and learn more about the brokerage business. PowerTrend also makes it a point to include a thorough explanation of the overall procedure, as well as the conditions and threats that clients may face after signing up. These records are now valid and technically enforceable. This shows that the brokerage company is working on legal and trustworthy terms.


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