What is trix

Trading systems provide exact entries and exits so that day traders can trade as efficiently as possible. Day trading systems usually use a price chart, and one or more indicators, and the charts are updated in real time. First, they must be below their 200-day moving average to be in an overall downtrend. Fourth, volume moved above the 250-day average to show an increase in selling pressure. As with all technical indicators, traders should use TRIX together with other parts of technical analysis, such as chart patterns.

A bearish crossover occurs when TRIX turns down and crosses below the signal line. Crossovers can last a few days or a few weeks, depending on the strength of the move. Due diligence is required before relying on these frequent signals. Volatility in the underlying security can also increase the number of crossovers. The trade is based on the TRIX reversing its direction, which indicates that the price has started moving in the opposite direction.

Conclusion: Triple Exponential Moving Averages Indicator

It’s a beginner-friendly guide as well that works for folks who want to trade forex and any other financial asset. But the best insight with Trix crosses lies with spotting a correct signal. Investors need to be aware of one generic problem across indicators that appear in the form of oscillators. Firstly, Trix as an indicator is a part of the default tools inbuilt in most trading software.

However, there’s more insight regarding whether market trends or consolidates. TRIX indicator helps traders determine if there are any impulses building up within a market. So with the centerline taken as a general average – it reads zero (0). And lastly, Trix is an ideal indicator for fitting into trading strategies that build on trading two models. One is price breakouts, and the second is moving average divergences.


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What is trix

A cross above the signal line is the first bullish indication, while a cross below is the first negative implication. Second, centerline crossovers provide chartists with a general momentum bias. The triple-smoothed moving average is rising when TRIX is positive and falling when negative. Similarly, momentum favors the bulls when TRIX is positive and the bears when negative. Third, bullish and bearish divergences can alert chartists of a possible trend reversal.

Main TRIX Indicator and Trading Strategies FAQ

Also, any divergence between price and TRIX can indicate significant turning points in the market. The TRIX indicator determines overbought and oversold markets, and it can also be a momentum indicator. Just as it is with most oscillators, TRIX oscillates around a zero line. Additionally, divergences between price and TRIX can mean great turning points in the market.

  • Therefore, the simple background of the data and calculations to arrive at the exponential add to an insightful way to chart and market analysis.
  • Wilbert is an avid researcher and is deeply passionate about finance and health.
  • Most notably, both lines have similar shapes, signal line crossovers, and centerline crosses.
  • Therefore, for buy signals, the signals line has to cross the signal side from the lower side.
  • Additionally, having a clear grasp of the market conditions, plus the situations a specific indicator may give wrong signals.

And that means it’s easy to access – investors do not require paying other developers or installing any software add-ons. While focusing on adding value to this post, we have deliberately sought out the insights of Ezekiel Chew regarding the use of the Trix Indicator. Ezekiel is an established financial markets investor and a key proprietor of the Asia Forex Mentor – which is a form of his giving back to society.

TRIX Bearish Signal Line Cross

As an indicator based on EMA, the TRIX produces leading signals. It is, therefore, necessary to combine it with other technical indicators. This can help traders choose high probability opportunities when tracking a price.

The second trade is a short trade, because the TRIX reversed downward (turned red), and the low of the entry bar (shown in white) was broken by the next bar. In trending markets, a signal line cross will indicate an end of the price retracement, and the main trend will resume. In ranging markets, a signal line confirms that resistance and support zones have been upheld in the market. A signal to place a buy order will occur when the TRIX crosses the signal line from below. In the same way, a signal to place a sell order will come up when the TRIX crosses the signal line from above.

TRIX Indicator: How to trade with it?

As an oscillator, TRIX is used to watch out for overbought and oversold conditions in the market. Extreme positive values denote overbought conditions, while extreme negative values denote oversold conditions in the market. The TRIX reversal trading system is a short-term system that day traders use as instructions for making trades within minutes. It can sometimes be adapted to suit longer trades occurring over a period of several hours. First, they must be above their 200-day moving average to be in an overall uptrend. Fourth, volume moved above the 250-day average to show an increase in buying pressure.


It is easy to compare indicator/price movements when the indicator is placed behind the price plot. Once the indicator is chosen from the dropdown list, the default parameter setting appears (15,9). These parameters can be adjusted to increase or decrease sensitivity. We research technical analysis patterns so you know exactly what works well for your favorite markets.


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